Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Our Trip to PNG Part 2

 A typical scene in PNG. Lush mountains, covered with vibrant greenery.

 A traditional hut all made from local reeds & grasses.

 The sides of the hut are tightly woven & the floor is made of the same material.

 Gave these 3 little children the dolls I made & brought to hand out in PNG.

This is my most favourite picture that I took during our trip.

 A bundle of bananas growing in the compound where Chris & Charlotte live. About a month later, the bananas started to ripen.

Big green grasshopper.

 Some of the beautiful flowers in PNG.

Bright coloured dahlia.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Our Trip to PNG - Part 1

 February 8th, at sunset, at Wpg airport waiting for our flight to Vancouver & then to Sydney, Australia & then to Brisbane where we spent the night before boarding a flight to Port Moresby, Paupa New Guinea & then to Goroka where Chris, Charlotte & their kids are serving with Missionary Aviation Fellowship. 5 flights with a total of over 25 hours in the air with the longest flight being just over 15 hours over the ocean.

This is the New Tribes Mission compound where our 4 grandkids are attending school. There are just over 100 kids in this school. It is about a 20 minute drive from their home to the school.

Carly at her desk in school.

Nick at work.

Carly helping make pizza.

Nick with the cinnamon buns we had together.

Chris & Adam got rained on during a bike ride.

Carly with her pan of cinnamon buns.

Banana Spider.

Bunch of bananas.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saying Goodbye.

Our youngest son, Chris, his wife , Charlotte & 4 kids left Canada January 4th for a 6 month mission term with Missionary Aviation Fellowship in Goroko, Paupa New Guinea. 

 Nick choosing which books to take for the 15 hour flight across the ocean.

 One last hug for "Rose" from Carly.

 A large group of us went out for supper before we took the family to the airport. 
Charlotte with 2 of her friends.
 Carly & Keira.

 Adam, Carly, Charlotte, Nick, Chris, Katie.

 Indie & Katie saying good bye.

 Myself with 4 grandchildren.

 And more goodbyes.

Going through security. 

Their flights were smooth & on time. They spent a few days in Australia getting over jet lag as PNG time is 16 hours ahead of our Manitoba time. They have now settled into their home in Paupa New Guinea & the children have started school. Chris will be working on drainage & leveling runways for the MAF planes.

Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 Review


Time to get started on quilting projects.

At the end of January, the Scotties Tournament of Hearts was held in our town & we watched all the games with the exception of one. Learned alot about the game of curling & really enjoyed it.

Albert went to volunteer with MDS in New York which left me with lots of time to quilt, read & practice some winter photography.

My cousin, Lois, came to visit for a few days & we drove to Portage to visit my Mom & enjoyed a Valentine's Day tea with her.

After lots of quilting during the winter, we left for a a two week vacation to Florida with our oldest son, his wife & youngest son.  Special family times.

We did have an early spring but it didn't warm up fast. Albert built this handy garden shed in our backyard.


Celebrating Mother's Day with my Mom & my 2 sons.

Celebrated my Mom's 99th birthday at the end of May.


Always look forward to the wild roses blooming in the roadsides.

 Plane ride with my son to Steinbach.


Road trip with traveling buddy/cousin to BC & Alberta.

Sister birthday celebration.


Found this wooden trestle bridge on one of our rides in the country.

Marked 2 years on August 8th since we said good bye to Barry & Zach.

Hubby & I went on a sightseeing trip to the Rocky Mountains.
Amazing scenery provided amazing photo opps.


A long, colourful fall = lots of photos.


 Made this cranberry toned quilt for a door prize for my church's Christmas banquet.

 Celebrated a special birthday - hubby's 70th - & hired a limo for a ride to Wpg. & supper out with our family.

Christmas with our kids - card game.

I chose a special magazine for each one for a stocking stuffer.

And that was 2015 & some of the highlights for myself & my family.